League rules were changed during 2015 so that the dates the determine “LEAGUE AGE” are now different. It is now possible that you as a parent have a choice of which league your child will play in. This will be true for all players who have a birthdate in May, June, July & August. Click on this LINK to look at two charts which might help you determine league age (and the league) for your child.

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Another easy fundraiser - AMAZON SMILES

Everytime you wish to shop online at Amazon, just start on this Amazon website.   Here is a link to that page - AMAZON SMILESif you already have an Amazon account, just sign in.  There is also a link on the page to create an account.  When it asks for an organization, just type "Roy Gayle"  That wil be enough to have it pop up, then just use Amazon as you normally do.  Roy Gayle will get a percentage of everything you purchase!

EASY!!!!!!    Thanks for using!!!


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Schnuck's Escript Donor Program 


IF you shop at any Rockford Schnuck's you may already have a "gas card" as many of the checkout clerks call it.

Did you know this same card allows you to give money to the Roy Gayle program??  Click here for more info.

That's all there is to it!  Schnuck's will give a percentage of your purchase to Roy Gayle.  It does not cost extra and does NOT affect the gas discounts that you can also receive at Mobil gas stations in the area.  Click here for more detailed info on the program.

About 15 people have been doing this for some time.  You do NOT receive extra emails or hassle.  The money just continues to be donated.  It's super easy!!!  Pick up your card today!!  If you already have a card, register Roy Gayle as one of your organizations!!  Each little bit really adds up!!  Thanks!!!


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Roy Gayle Pony Baseball / Softball Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates the baseball/softball program playing at Randerson-Carlson Sports Complex at Meridian Road and By-Pass 20 on the west side of Rockford.  The organization is affiliated with and sanctioned by the national organization, Pony Baseball Inc.

Eight leagues play at Roy Gayle.  They are: Shetland (ages 5-6), Pinto (7-8), Mustang (9-10), Bronco (11-12), Pony (13-14), Girls Mustang Softball (8,9,10), Girls Bronco Softball (11,12) Girls Pony Softball (13-14).  The eight leagues comprise over 85 teams and represent over 1000 youngsters.

Roy Gayle Park is one of the finest baseball/softball facilities anywhere.  Eight diamonds, four parking lots, two concession stands, several scoreboxes and several storage sheds make up the complex.

The organization is run completely by volunteers.  No money is spent on administration of the program.

Roy Gayle Pony Baseball / Softball has been at it present location for 50 years.  The organization is indebted to its sponsors and benefactors and is continually looking for donations to better the program and to better serve the kids of the Rockford area.

Our mission statement:

“Roy Gayle Pony Baseball / Softball Inc. shall be committed to providing organized baseball/softball leagues to the youth of the community, 5-15 years of age.  The mission of Rockford Pony Baseball/Softball shall remain constant: To encourage participating youth in their personal and physical skill development, social interaction, and sportsmanship so that they will become mature young adults.  The Executive Board, staff, managers, coaches, umpires, parents and volunteers shall realize that the winning of games is secondary to the attainment of athletic skills and to the development of youth into responsible young men and women.”

Roy Gayle Park is always appreciative of donations of goods and services, as well as sponsorships.


Interested parties may contact the league at: Roy Gayle Pony Baseball / Softball, Box 1011, Rockford, IL 61105

Or by Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.